Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So...for the past few years it's always bothered me that the toilet paper in public bathrooms never had a straight edge where it had been ripped off-it bothered me that people were rude enough not to "clean" up the my dismay I've recently realized that the reason there is no straight edge on public bathroom toilet paper is because....they haven't been quilted into cute squares with perforated edges!

Then to my horror as I thought back on all the mean thoughts I had about people who didn't leave the TP tidy for the next person-I was one of them! I couldn't have ever left a straight edge either!!! I had, like all the others...walked away without thinking twice about being tidy with the TP...I was too worried about why others weren't being tidy with the TP....

Wow! Amazing what it takes for me to learn very simple rules of life...I'm just as bad as the next person!

love ya!!!


Bean said...

That is very interesting! It's funny the different things we each notice. I've never noticed that about the TP but I do have other things that I notice. Things that make you go...HUMMM?!

Scott & Jennifer said...

All the things that make you go "hummm?! ... POST'M!!

We'd love to hear it!

Jon & Janice said...

And you know what???? I HAVE noticed that same TP issue. And the stupid thing is that I have actually tryed to make a streight edge. With no success mind you ;o)

I even try it in my own house, and just last week I came to a conclusion; the bulk TP you buy from costco... it's just won't tear straight on it's own. BUT!! if you tear slowly, wWHAMMO it will work. BUT!!! who wants to sit on the pot that long?

I love food for thought: There was a gal at Pole that everytime she used the pot she would fold and point the ends like they do in your nice hotel rooms. Fun thing was it put a smile on your face and it took a while to figure out who was doing it. Later, me

Scott & Jennifer said...

Thanks for the insight mother, I appreciate your participation!


I learned a couple of things from what you've shared with us today...

1. Don't buy costco brand or bulk TP if you like the edges of your TP tidy with little hassle.
2. Taking note of your friend who folded the TP after every's the small and simple things in life that can truly put a smile on someones face. NEVER underestimate what you might think is soo small or insignifigant.
By putting a smile on someones face has a rippling effect. And could probably bring world peace if we all smiled and did something nice for someone else...even if we didn't know them.

Wow mom-perfect example for the upcoming season of Thanksgiving. There are SOOOOO many things to be grateful for...even folded TP, or those small and simple random acts of service we receive.


Scott & Jennifer said...
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