Sunday, November 25, 2007

Giving Thanks

First of all, I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving Weekend!
Second - I want to thank our family and friends for the hospitality we were given over the holiday.

The day before Thanksgiving, Austin, one of the family neighbor boys came to the door stating that their mother wasn't home and there was something stuck in the turkey that his older sister (Britney) was going to cook. So I went over to the Griffith home to find a large turkey in the sink. They had done a wonderful job on thawing it out. But before mom left to jury duty that morning, she told them to pull out the "giblets". The kids had no idea what a giblet was. :-) So I proceeded to pull the neck and the giblets from the turkey...while they all laughed about "giblets". They had made rolls, jell-o and other dishes for a feast they were having that evening. GOOD JOB KIDS!!

Anyway, later on that evening, they invited us over for this pre-Thanksgiving feast. We were very excited to spend some time with this lovely family of ours. We laughed about "giblets" most of the evening along with other stories, never a dull moment. And the food was fabulous!

Thanksgiving morning we went down to Central to spend the day with the Woolsey family. It had been a LONG time since we were all together in the same place. I'm very grateful for our families and for all the love and support they give us.

ReNae and I went to Salt Lake to see a play the day after Thanksgiving. "Once Upon This Island". It is a play that takes place in Haiti and tells an old folk story. It was a lot of fun and it really meant a lot to me. Thanks ReNae! We had a fun-filled day of travel and talk, making the Thanksgiving weekend even better and reminding me of all my blessings.

Then the icing on the cake...Joni and her beautiful family came to visit us on Saturday and even stayed the night before heading back to California. The BYU game, against Utah was also on Saturday. ReNae, Dale, Devin, Scott & Aaron were very excited as the game unfolded. It was a lot of fun to have so many of us there. (Joni and the kids were there as well, but we didn't watch it much.) I had picked up a couple of pizzas for all of us and some other goodies...including making Muddie-Buddies...YUM. One of the pizzas was double layer and it was huge.

Saturday evening after the big crowd left and Family Katz and the Woolsey's went on a field trip to cabellas, there was a BYU basketball game on that Scott and Aaron wanted to watch. The kids were put to bed, Joni and I hung out in my MESSY room and just talked and talked. After a bit, Joni and I went into the living room to see what the guys were up to, and there were two beautiful poinsettias on the counter, 1 for each of us and a love not from our husband. CUTE!! They are awesome and once again, we were reminded of how blessed we are with wonderful husbands.


Bean said...

How Fun!!! I'm so glad that you were able to see Joni and her Family while they were in town. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts. I need to post some thanksgiving stuff. sly, bean!

Jon Martin said...

I'm enjoying your Blogg, Thanks for all the time you put into it.


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