Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lafayette - Day 1

Night of Nov. 16th & November 16th (HAPPY B-DAY BEAN!)

Scott and I both got home a little late from work, and hadn't even started to pack, or even do laundry. Our little green duffel bags weren't going to meet the demands of our new traveling needs. (but they've served us well, thanks little cute duffel bags)

So we went in search of luggage at about 8pm, (we want to thank "Ross" for not closing until 9:30pm) We found some GREAT Sampsonite pieces for a great deal, we rolled through Mc'D's for some thunder thighs and a pot gut and we were on our way home to get ready for the EARLY adventure the following morning.

By 10:30, we started some laundry and packing what we could, while cleaning the house up as well...Well 12:30 rolled around and Scott did get into bed. (we needed to be up by 2am) I struggle with packing plus I really wanted my house a little on the clean side when I got home and my toe nails were a MESS! So I opted to clean and paint my toenails. (A girls got'a do what a girls got'a do)

About 2 am I jumped in the shower, once my toes were cute...well, as cute as my pudgy-no nailed toes can be... Scott got up about 2:30 and we were on our way by 3am. We stopped by Davids apt at 3:30am (bless is heart, he took us up to the airport).
By 4am we were there and our flight left at 5:15am.

(wow-sorry, a lot of details, I couldn't stay sleeping this morning, but I don't want to bother scott...yet)

On our last leg to Lafayette, from Houston, we were in a SMALL plane, two propellers-are those called "twin prop planes" Anyway, I hadn't ever been on that size of a plane in the states, and it brought back some good memories of Cabo Vered...Cabos was much more exciting with chickens...but hey, we can't have all the luxuries in life here in the states. There were some VERY annoyed people on the plane about the size...but, then there was a group of people, all basically from Louisiana or near by states, that just talked and laughed about all sorts of stuff and they didn't even know each other. I'd never seen a plane full of strangers carry on the way they did-very fun. I'm supposing it has something to do with the nature of the people of the south.

Another employee (Keith) of AEG came to pick us up. His wife, Julia, is actually visiting this weekend, so she was there as well. He lives in the apt. complex that we're looking into, so he took us to his place and he had set up an appointment for us to get a tour of the "town" and talk about getting set up with an apt.
I had actually talked to this gal on the phone a few times and so it was fun to meet her in person.

After talking finances and stuff, we jump in a golf cart - 6 seater - and we rolled around the town. Now when I say town, it is a town within the town of Lafayette. There are all sorts of shops and dining options and really, anything you'd need or have in a basic city...even a post office. So we even drove around the different homes that are built there, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!

Then we met back up with Keith and Julia and we stopped by their apartment for some tasty goat cheese and other assorted cheese and crackers and grapes for a little snack. We then went by Scott's office to meet the crew and to pick up his truck. Keith and Julia left us with a map and keys to the truck and we were off. We checked into the hotel, and TRIED to take a nap, didn't work...
so we got changed and went to the mall - I thought that would be a good place to do some "people watching" and went by the church ward's not even 2 miles from the apt. we may get into and then we had a dinner engagement with Keith and Julia at one of River Ranches restaurants, called 11 Hundred. We spent a few hours just chatting and visiting about personal stuff, job stuff, and anything that we wanted to. They invited us to go to the local "Bluemoon Bar" but we opted out. :-) They know we don't drink, it was more out of being polite that they asked us.

So...that was all. A long story for not much happening.

Scott reminded me that I hadn't talked to the Bean that day, so at 10pm her time, I gave her a b-day call. Sounds like she and Kris had a lot of fun! Good Job Kris for doing something so fun for her.

Scott was OUT before I got off the phone. Good times~

So far we've liked what we've seen...other than we can't see mountains...anywhere! But we're excited, even more so now that we've met some of the people he'll be working with and the cute apt. complex.

Well, that's far more than enough for now...oh and ummm we forgot our camera...oops!


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