Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

Well, we celebrated Halloween for 3 nights;
Monday: we had a little family home evening with David, Alicia, Devin & Elle. Alicia had a long running tradition of making "face" cookies. They tasted quite a bit like ginger snaps and they were GOOD. The reason they called them face cookies is because they'd use candy and make faces on the cookies. YUMMM!! We also decorated pumpkins, I only got a picture of one that Elle did. CUTE!!

Halloween 2007
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Tuesday: Our ward held a Trunk'nTreat party in the parking lot of the church. There were A LOT who showed up, we were thinking 15 or so cars would come and decorate and hand out candy. (I'm on the activities committee) Well, there were 40+ cars who came and all the decorations and costumes to go with it. It was a lot of fun. Maddies little Yoda costume didn't work out too well, so she cruzed around the parking lot as a Lady 'Pug'. She was cute and just loved the attention, she thought she'd get a good bowl of candy...but we made sure we swiped it before she got too far with it.

Wednesday: We contributed to a good share of cavities that will soon need to be taken care of for an hour or so, then I left the bowl of candy on the door step with a sign that said, "Please take one, sorry we missed you." Then Scott and I headed out for some dinner.

So that's that. Scott got up early this morning to go out on the elk hunt down south. I was in a meeting and got a call from the secretary in my office telling me that Scott had locked himself out of the truck and the spare key was gone...and needed me to take a key to him...I was oh, so bummed to leave work, but hey, a gals got to do what a gals gotta do....

He'll be back latter tonight but be gone again early in the morning and he'll be staying a night or two...??? Can't seem to keep up sometimes.

Well, Scott and I will be heading to Louisiana on the 16th and stay until the 20th. We'll go check out the apt. opportunities and travel the town. We'll come back for Thanksgiving and then Scott will start work on the 26th. He'll do 9 days on and 5 days home until the Christmas break, then all 3 of us will head to Louisiana in January. Crazy!! There is a guy I work with from the South and he's been giving me all sorts of helpful hints...places to see, food to eat...or not eat...We're getting more and more excited each day.

Well, this is my longest post yet, sorry.

I'm looking forward to seeing my family & friends over the holidays! I'm VERY anxious to see some of you I haven't seen in a LONG time...or never even seen.



Bean said...

Sounds like you had a great Halloween full of fun! Kris and I were going to have a party but then we didn't. I guess you could say we are a little boring. But we would like to redeem ourselves and have a Christmas Party. I'm so excited for you and the new big adventure (I guess you could say I'm a little jealous). I will give you a call later because I have some ideas to talk to you about. Love Bean!

aaron and joni said...

hey sister,

well~ it reallly did sound like you guys had a great HALLOWEENNN!!! I must admit though, I CANNOT WAIT for Christmas when we get to come and visit...I really am just so anxious!
It looked like so much fun having scott and his brothers all together..along with all of you lovely girls, I wish it were easier for us to get together as well. Sometimes it just makes me so sad.
oh well...I know we'll see you all soon.
Love you sis, and talk to you later

Anonymous said...


Kenna said...

Looks like you had a fun Halloween, I love Maddie's costume... so cute! We had a good time with Scott the other night, we'll have to do it again when you can come! He told us about your blog so I had to check it out, ours in if ya want to check it out:)

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