Friday, June 19, 2009


I seem to talk a lot about dreams and hope. The last few months I have found that there are many people who are struggling with both. I have found that there are many that find hope in God and in their Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the best hope to true joy. Yet, I have found a VERY small amount of people with dreams let-a-lone the the hope for dreams to come true.

I have heard many people talk about the need for money, just to put food on the table, roof over head and creditors from calling. What is it? What is stopping us from actually dreaming beyond? And better, living beyond those dreams?

What was it that put flight into the minds of the wright brothers?

What was it that created the idea of electricity, automobiles, garbage disposals, elevators, fax machines, computers, the wii?

What was it that put Mother Teresa, Gandhi and others on the map of "changing the world"?

What was it that created the pyramids, the colosseum of rome, the taj mahal, DISNEY LAND?

What is it? This questions has been surfacing in MANY aspects of my life lately? And so now, I come to y'all, to ask, what is it, that keeps us from dreaming?

(I'm not promoting this business, just a good video)

Hait-through the eyes of my own camera - 2003