Sunday, January 24, 2010


I know this is short notice, but wanted to post it anyway....

If someone has crutches, I am willing to come pick them up if you aren't able to get them to a local drop off location. Please note as well, that just because they are gathering many on January 29th, there are some who are collecting them until March for Eagle Scout Projects. If you read this after Jan. 29th and have crutches to donate, I am willing to come pick them up and take care of getting them to those who are still gathering...

(A note from Shannon Cox, Co-Founder of Haitian Roots)

So many people ask me what they can do and here is something:
When my friend Kristin, asked her husband, Dan, what was the worst thing he'd had to do since arriving in Haiti on Tuesday he responded, "amputations." With this in mind, some of Dan's family decided to start collecting crutches to send to Haiti and the docs there thought it was a great idea. If you have access to crutches, old ones you aren't using, etc, please help out:

So here is the plan...

BRONZE EFFORT: Check your garage, closets, attics for the forgotten set of crutches and get them to a drop off location. (Goto for locations.)

SILVER EFFORT: Send this email to your list of friends and family...the more the better!

GOLD EFFORT: Coordinate a similar collection at your workplace, school, or church. Just send us an e-mail ( and we'll let you know how to get started. Remember we want to be done by Friday, January 29th. We'd like to launch all locations on Monday, January 25th.

We have coordinated getting the crutches to Haiti with "Healing Hands for Haiti" who already have a container ready to ship. Check out the blog to see why we decided to do this as well as other logistical information.

Crutches need to be in working order with tips and pads (they are very hard to replace)
Healing Hands for Haiti has also indicated the GREAT need for wheelchairs and pediatric walkers. We'll take those too if you happen to have them.


Bev said...

Jennifer, I just watched the video you put together. I am not sure crying is a good way to start the day but I am so very touched but it. I can really SEE the love in your eyes and Joni's too.
You make my heart happy. I will have to share with you what our kids her at school for the kids there. I have had many moving experiences. It's sad that something horrible has to happen to open peoples eyes but at least many eyes are open clear and not only for the adults but children as well.
You are one very remarkable woman.
I love you tons and tons!

Bev said...

Me again,
Is there away you could post this video on Facebook and I could copy it and share it with my friends.

love you

Scott & Jennifer said...

Bev, don't know if FB will allow me to keep that video due to the copywrite on the song used... ? share it quick! :-)

Hait-through the eyes of my own camera - 2003