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A Cry for Help for Haiti - 4

January 20, 2010

Dear Friends,

Tonight we received this short email from Harry, “I got the money from Dr Booth this afternoon I'm so glad I can buy the food for our kids and the needs.I feel very tired I need to laydonw. Thank you Shannon .” Poor, dear Harry. If anybody needs to lie down it is that heroic, stalwart man. I don’t know if he’s slept in a week.

We have a couple of stories to share with you. They are at the same time miraculous and heartbreaking. The first is that we received some wonderful news that the Dubreus family is safe. Let us preface this by telling you that most of the people in Haiti have never experienced an earthquake and had no clue what was happening when the shaking began. When the quake first started, the Dubreus family was all inside their home. They had no idea what the shaking was but the two youngest boys, Harryson and Denis, immediately had a feeling come over them and shouted to their parents, “We need to go! We need to get out of the house!” They all rushed out of the home. Less than two minutes later, they watched as their home completely crumbled to the ground. How wonderful to know that they are alive. But how sad to watch their home and everything they possess go up into a heap of dust. Regrettably this is the same thing for many of our children—they are safe but the same cannot be said for their homes.

The Dubreus Brothers & their dad:

A tragic but miraculous story is that of our sweet Stevenson Isidor. Stevenson and his mother were in their home when the shaking began. The house crumbled to the ground. Yesterday they FOUND STEVENSON AND HIS BABY BROTHER, KENDY, ALIVE!!! These two boys survived in the rubble for six days. However their dear mother, Amelita Succes, did not make it. She was a single mother. She adored her boys and took care of them the very best she could with the scant resources she had. The way the scene was described, it appears that Amelita tried to shelter her sons as the roof came crumbling down. We were told that she saved them. Both boys have hardly a scratch on them, although we can’t imagine the hunger, thirst, and emotional trauma they have experienced. We are grateful they are alive but we mourn for them. They are currently living with a neighbor. We know that they have several aunts and are guessing they will live with one of them once things calm down a little and we move into the “rebuilding” phase of this whole experience.

Stevenson Isidor in Oct 2008:

Little Kendy (Stevenson's brother) in Oct of 2008:

Here is an updated list of children we know have survived:

Alex Succes
Amanda Pierre Louis
Christella Saintyl
Fabrice Felix
Georges Pierre Louis
Hachely Arly
Harryson Dubreus
Hugues Pierre Louis
Jacky Jean
Jonathan Samuel Cenat
Loudiana Cenat
Samuel Cenat
Maxime Jean
Nadia Rochenel
Ophney Desir
Peterly Lamour
Rodolph Succes
Roudolph Pierre Louis
Samantha Succes
Sarafinah Joseph
Sarah Pierre
Sariah Pierre
Shesley Felix
Spencer Cenat
Stevenson Isidor
Vanessa Veus
Wood Trezard
Woodline Rochenel

We are now adding a new list of children. The children on this list are of very particular concern of ours. We hope and pray that they are okay but the reports we are receiving are that they may have left this earthly sojourn. We are extremely worried for the Olivier family. Their father, Felord, sustained a broken back and was somehow taken to the Dominican Republic for medical assistance. The mother, Juliette, has died. The children, Daryl and Elize are unaccounted for and are presumed to be gone. We are putting them on this list because we have not confirmed the status of these children but we have reason to be EXTREMELY CONCERNED and ask for prayers on their behalf:

Daryl Olivier
Elize Olivier
Faedra Dorcelus
Medsaisha Dorcelus
Mildred Charles

The rest of the children are simply unknown at this time. We have no reason to believe they are not okay (except for the obvious earthquake), we simply have not had any communication or news about them yet.

Thanks again to all of you for your support. We continue to be grateful for your donations sent to us to help ease the suffering of these children and families we love so much in Haiti .


The Haitian Roots Team

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