Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I've had a "thing" for India and those regions for years.  For the past couple of years  I've been listening and watching Bollywood entertainment.  I find it just awesome!  I love how evne though they join the Hollywood world, they keep so much of their own traditional ways of singing and dancing!

Here are just a few of my favorite clips. I get a good laugh as I watch them, I think you will too...  There are A LOT more.  If you have a minute, you shuld just cruz around on youtube and check some out.  :-)
Even if you don't enjoy this stuff the way I do, I hope you find some entertainment itn it.  

I actually LOVE world entertainment.  I'm always finding/looking for new ways to be culturally enlightened.  If anyone has anything they'd like to share with me, please do so!  

Links to videos:

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Bean said...

How fun Jen! I can't wait to check these links out.

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