Sunday, January 27, 2008


Earlier in the week, Scott told me we were going to go to dinner w/one of his bosses who was flying in from Georgia on the upcoming Wednesday night. So Wednesday came and Scott came home from work a little early so we could beat the crowds at the restuarant.

I was getting ready to go and I get a call from mom, she's asking me how my day was; yada, yada, yada... A nock on the door, I go to the door and look out the peep-hole and low-and-behold, it's my mom & dad's cute little faces staring back at me. HOLY MOLY!!!!

What a splendid surprise! I really appreciate the fact that they were soo, soo, soo busy getting ready for Russia, but they took the time to come out and visit us in our new home & area. I'm so grateful for their love and support.

Though their visit was short it was filled with some great history lessons and back road bajou adventures.

The evening they arrived we went to a local restaurant - Prejean's (pray-jawns). It's a highly respected Cajun place. We had shrimp, pasta, crawfish and aligator!! Every night there is a Cajun band that plays, the back drop takes you to a local swamp, aligators included... This WAS a real aligator, I think it was 12 feet long...???

The second day we went out and about to get to know more about Louisiana, Cajuns, Acadians, Mardi Gras and whatever else we could absorb. We visited the Acadian Cultural Center Acadiana Cultural Center We met a lovely lady named Ruth, she is now our Cajun mom. It was a good thing we were in no hurry, the people here LOVE to talk. So we talked to her, a ranger and others who were working there for quite a while before we watched a couple of movies on the history of people who settled Louisiana-the Acadians. VERY informative! Ruth suggested we visit Martin Lake - She didn't know our last name was Martin. So with a handful of brochures & maps form Ruth, we were off.

We took her advice and went out to visit Martin Lake (Martin is a prominant name of some of the wealthiest people here in Louisiana...I need to see if we're a long lost family they've been looking for-I would think they're looking for their heirs to share their wealth with.)

With dad navigating the crazy, mis-matched maps, we were off to Martin Lake. Before we saw the lake there was a swampy-bayou area...I don't know the difference for sure but anyway here are some pictures...

At the swamp/bayou...

At the lake...

After the lake we got a little "off" course, but we were up for the adventure of just seeing what the road brings. It was fun & interesting to see the outskirts of town and see more of the country. It's Beautiful, and I'm excited to see it this spring when everything is in bloom. In all my travels I've never seen or experienced swamp and bayou land...

Once back to the apt. we made dinner, Chicken Cordon Bleu. I'd never made it before, but with moms great advice we made a delectable meal! Thanks ma!!

The next day we decided to do some shopping. Mom & I wanted to find a few little things for Mardi Gras...We found the perfect place...there weren't a few little things for Mardi Gras, there were THOUSANDS!!!! I think we were there for a good hour...maybe more. We tried on mask after mask, hat after hat and browed the bead isles. PLUS this place had decor for every holliday. It was a lot of fun!

We tried to visit an old, historic cathedrial, but a bad parrelell parking attempt and small roads made us miss the opening hours...Well, that, PLUS I just didn't read the "hours of opperation either...sorry! BUT, it was funny, we just finished listening to the cathedral bells marking the noon hour, commenting on how neat they sounded and we stood there at the door looking at the hour it closed...NOON. :-) BUMMER. We just had to laugh. We then headed down town to the "old" Lafayette and went to a meuseum. WOW, the things we learned. We learned about Mr. Lafayette and his influence and help in keeping America free from the British rule. (He's French)

Back to the apt we went for a late lunch. Scott came home and we went out to see a bit of the shops in the neighborhood. 1st stop, The Backpacker, a store for..well...backpackers... :-)

Then we went to the "Fresh Market". It was an amazing grocery store...gourmet grocery store...we went to get a loaf of bread and an hour later, a handful of samplers in our belly and a new outlook on grocery shopping we headed home. (mom's got a picture...please share.)

We spent the evening eating chips and salsa, mom's favorite pudd'n and anything else we could get in our little fingers while we played Hearts. FUN! It was soo, soo, soo much fun. I just didn't want the night to end, knowing that in the morning..AFTER orange toast...they would step onto a plane and I wouldn't see them for a year or more. WHAAAA!!! Yet, I'm so excited for them and for the journey they'll embark upon as they leave for Russia.

Mom & Dad, words will NEVER express the appriciation I have for your love, and your EXAMPLE of what love is. Thanks again for coming out to visit! We will miss you greatly!!


The Jones' said...

Love the Post! I'm so glad that you all had fun. Your pictures are great. The swamp pictures are interesting. Are there alligators in the swamp you went to? Did you like the taste of alligator? Well, again, I'm so glad that you had fun with mom and dad. Memories are precious! sly, bean

Scott & Jennifer said...

About the swamp: yes there are alligators, but they are hibernating, so we didn't see them. They'll come out in the spring. I'm excited for spring!

Eating alligator, tastes like chicken to me. If I didn't know it was alligator that's what i would have thought it was.


Perla said...

Jen, I loved reading this! I have NEVER seen a bayou or an actual swamp in real life. I couldn't believe those photos. They didn't even look real! I know nothing about Louisiana or the Acadians. I'll have to do some research! What a cool adventure you are having! And what wonderful parents. What a fun and happy surprise. It sounds like you had such a happy time. I will keep reading to learn more! Love ya!

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