Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nightmare Before Christmas!

I hear it's getting cold in California, and Joni has been just hoping for Christmas to come a bit early this year, well I think Santa got Joni and I mixed up because he has sent me the snow.

SO, in behalf of Joni... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


Bean said...

That's pretty crazy! I think we'll be lucky to get any snow that actually sticks longer than a day. I guess that's Southern Utah for ya!

aaron and joni said...


It really feels like it's christmas already...If the leaves are changing in our part of the country, it must be CHRISTMAS!!!
Your lucky to have snow...I am very jealous, and I just hope that when we come to visit you'll still have some for us!!! Put some in the freezer jen...
joni ann

Jennifer said...

Well, we still have the snow hanging around. I haven't seen any fall from the sky, but it's still out there. But, Joni, I do feel that when we have something we don't appreciate it as much as if we didn't. Like snow, you don't get it like we do here, and Bean doesn't even see it much...and where we're off to...we really aren't going to be seeing it. I was actually thinking about what type of seasons we'll really see? I'm sure it won't be quite like the seasons we see here. Anyway, that was really quite random and went on WAY too long. ....sorry....

Love ya!!

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