Thursday, January 8, 2009

“Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams” — Henry David Thoreau

There is a lot out there about "DREAMS" and "DREAMING BIG"! Walk into any school, elementary, jr. high, and even high school. It's plastered on every classroom wall, school hallway and banners in the gymnasiums, they tell us NOTHING short of winners and how dreams became reality. As we grow older and move through life, we continue to read, write and do math...but what about dream? I've come across people who laugh and say, it's a "cliche', And even worse, I've met way too many who state they haven't any dreams. If we're not dreaming, we're not living. Some have said, "I'm too old for dreams and all I really care about is my family," Well, to me, being close to family is a BIG dream! So, what about dreaming of the ability to spend more time with them, is it money or time keeping you from spending your quality years at their side?

And what about us/you, as parents, do we tell our 3 year old that dreams of being a fireman, that's he'll never be strong enough and he's too dumb to be a fireman? Of course not, but why do we seem to come up with reasons why we can't obtain our own dreams...a little hypocritical, don't ya think?

What is your dream?

- Maybe you'd love to travel a little more. An adventure filled vacation for you and your spouse, or a learning experience for your children on a family trip.

- A small cottage on a big piece of land. a ginormous home in Beverley Hills, a, a pent house in NY, or a farm in Ohio...what about a grass hut in Africa?

- TIME? Just enough $$$ to get you out of the office full time so you can spend the afternoon in the garden? or serving in your local community...or even in a 3rd world country?

- Do you wanna dance? Learn how to play the accordion, take up a hobby that you've always wanted to do, but just didn't dare, you were just too scared?


Love ya!

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.: ~Thomas Edison


Jon and Janice said...

So real, so true!! This is a great resolution, a great adventure. Thanks for the reminder, and you put it in such a realistic way.
SLY mom

vicki said...

This post has given me a lot to think about. Your blog usually gets me thinking!

Perla said...

i LOVE that last quote, Jen! that is awesome. and i'm so glad who has a friend that is continually reminding me to dream big. you know what i consider my biggest dreams to be and every time i read something like this, i feel a burning happiness in my heart and i feel more confident that they can come true. its also great to have good friends going confidently forward with you!

Kelly Stanworth said...

You always give my so much to think about on your posts. I've done a lot that I want to do, but there's always more...this year...lose some weight!

Heather said...

You are absolutely inspiring right now Snow White and I love ya! Heather

Piper said...

Thanks for coming to visit my blog! I like to read yours, you typically say something so positive, and I LOVE that!!! My favorite post of yours is probably the one about a spiritual pep rally.

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