Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav, Gustav, Gustav...

At this point I really don't know what y"all have seen or heard on Gustav. This could be boring for many of you...? :-)

Local News Stations: KADN, KATC, KPLC, KLFY

New Orleans Local News: WDSU
Baton Rouge Local News: WAFB

I'm absolutely fasinated with weather, so I've been glued to "The Weather Channel" the last few days. As well as web sites about hurricanes, (National Geographic has some good information and video clips) It becomes even more fasinating now that I'm even closer to it all.

Gustav has now turned into a Category 3 Hurricane (125 mph) as it passed up the Caymen Islands last night. Projections that it will hit a cat. 4 somewhere in the Gulf, and then fade back to a cat. 3 or even 2 by land fall. BUT, generally, what I've learned from hurricane speacialists and learning more about hurricanes is that as it slows it could just sit and drop A LOT of water and more sustained winds for a longer amount of time. I'm SOOO grateful for "projections", but that's what they are, projections... Here are more PROJECTIONS from the latest updates: A few days ago, the projected land fall was anywhere from Corpus Christi Texas to the panhandle of Florida; it has now shortened up and now:

Hurricane Categories
Cat. 1 winds at 74-95 mph
Cat. 2 winds at 96-110 mph
Cat. 3 winds at 111-130 mph
Cat. 4 winds at 131-155 mph
Cat. 5 winds at 155+ mph

This just came up on the TV screen...while I was on the phone with my dad-
There are now a few MANDITORY evacuations by Parish: Lafourche, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. Mary, and Terrebonne, Louisiana Parishes (click on photos to enlarge) We live in the Lafayette Parish.

Me and where I'm at: (click on photo to enlarge)

In the last 5 minutes I've learned:
- The missionaries called from our area and have now been evacuated to Baton Rouge to the mission home...
- I just received an email from our Relief Society Pres. that church has been canceled, in order to prepare homes for the storm and evacuate if needed...

I've been very calm about all of this, I mean I've been getting things ready and all, it's maybe just so, not real. It just seems like it's no big deal and it always happens to "SOMEONE ELSE". BUT, even since the start of when I started this post, so much has happened that makes me feel I need to be a little more concerned about what's going on.

Hmmmm...maybe I should turn off my TV and my computer and actually get packed up...??? I'm a addicted to!!! It's hard to pull myself away from it!!


Heather said...

Jen, get out of there girl! Hopefully you will not even see this comment for awhile, because you are too busy packing and preparing. I think of you CONSTANTLY while watching coverage of Gustav on TV. Be safe. I am sending prayers your way!! I love ya!

Lisa said...

Jen, I want to be there with you to help you pack, hold your hand and just freak out a little with you! Are you going to head to some friend's house somewhere away from all of this?! Be safe! I'll be thinking of you!

Kenna said...

Holy Moly! That is crazy! And I just realized that Jake said he was hunting with Scott on Monday which means you are all alone! For heavens sake get on a plane and get up here! Yikes, be safe and be carefull!:(

Jon and Janice said...

Okay, Jen,
When you get talking like this I fear you'll want to stay and watch it happen. Go to safe territory so you will be able to HELP when the time comes. Get your little one in the car and go, don't think, just G O O O O O!! sly mom

Coopercomics said...

Jen, I have been thinking of you everytime that I watch the news. I say a prayer that you will be safe, I swear like 5 times a day. (I watch alot of news) Luv ya!

Heather said... I am worried...will be calling your husband or sending my husband on the mountain to look for said husband while I pace.......Heather F

Kalley Hardman said...

Wow! I didn't realize how close you are to the storm. I've never been in a hurricane either, but from what I've seen on TV they are not to be taken lightly. Please stay safe.

Stephanie and J.C. said...

Ah Jen I've been wondering about you too. It sounds like it wasn't as bad as first thought. Thank goodness. You take care of yourself so you can help others if need be ever.
love ya girl,

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