Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Life has taken on MANY new perspectives for me over the last few months...again, it's not one moment, but a conglomeration of moments over my lifetime. Technology is an amazing thing and has opened a facet of the world that is absolutely remarkable. (see videos below) There are so many stories to be heard, to be learned from and to share and all we need to do is search for them. Search for what motivates us. I've learned that the word motivation is another word for "why?".

Have you ever felt like what you want is just out of reach and that it's "impossible". OR maybe someone, even a someone you love and look up to, has told you it's impossible or just not supported you in your DREAMS because it wasn't "realistic". Maybe you've got a dream deep down inside but you don't feel it's possible so you keep it buried deep, covered with fear, covered with excuses; "no money", "no time", "it just wouldn't work", "I'm not smart enough", "I don't have the support"...etc. etc. etc. MAYBE you don't even dare to dream? What is your dream? What is your spouses dream? What is your child's dream?
What is your "WHY?" Believe in YOUR dreams, believe in miracles!


"Yes you can, you can do anything you want to do, as long as you make up your mind, you can do it." - Dick Hoyt (father)

When we learn to live for others, that is truly when we have learned to live.


SuzieBel said...

Thanks for the inspiration...I was feeling rather sorry for myself tonight-you really know how to keep me grounded and put things in perspective. Love you and miss you!


RickW said...

What a great message, Jen! This is a story I had heard before, but I had forgotten about it.

Perla said...

thanks for the awesome motivation tonight. i saw the second video quite awhile ago, but i really enjoyed hearing more about them and their story in the first one. thanks for reminding me to keep dreaming!

Heather said...

Ah...I love ya...I am so happy to know you and be able to dream, fight and live with you as my friend. Heather

Bean said...

You should become a professional motivational speaker!

Trinity said...

Wow how true is that.
Here's an example this reminded me of. My daughter Kennedy is very excited every time she gets a go-gurt out of the fridge because she hopes with all her might that it might be a winner. (The winner gets a lot of money and gets to go to New York, 1 out of probably 500,000 wins) One day I said to her "Kennedy your not going to win." My husband corrected me by telling her and I that she had just as much chance as everyone else had and not to give up hoping. Boy did I get a wake up call. How could I crush my child's dream. We all need to remember how important dreams are and how realistic we can make them.

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