Friday, May 23, 2008

An Afternoon with Tami

Hey Ya'll!! Enjoy!!
(The video isn't so good, but I'm not going to take the time to edit it or it'll never get done. You'll hear the thunder after I ask Tami if she saw the lightning... no justice is done on my little digital camera...

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Yesterday afternoon my friend Tami and I did a little photo when she asked me if I wanted to go take pictures, in my mind I imagined, landscape, building, wildlife, NOPE! She had an entirely different idea! She's awesome!! Unfortunately she's only here for a couple more weeks and then her and her husband, Billy are going home to Houston, TX. They've been traveling the world with his job for the past few months and this is their last stop before heading home. We met a couple of months ago, but we were instant friends... Friends Forever... :-)


Perla said...

I loved it! So fun! This totally reminds me of the "photo shoots" my friend Kelly and I would do. The music is also funny! I'm glad to see you blog again.

janice said...

It's so fun to see you out and about and having so much fun. It was fun meeting Tami, and Tami thanks for getting Jen out of the house and running in the sun, well, maybe the rain.

SLY mom

Tami said...

Hey Jen! (I didn't realize I could sign in w/o having a blog, I'll have to keep that in mind)

I love it! The music is the perfect choice to compliment your picture book!

Maybe we can find that bridge next time = )

Hello Mrs. Jen's Mom = )the temperature made it feel like the sun was out, but the weather & lighting were just perfect for the models on set. = )

Bean said...

HOW FUN!!! I LOVED IT! Those are some fun pictures and I have to agree with Tami, the music choice couldn't have been better...wonderful! sly

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