Friday, April 4, 2008

Visit to Kanab...

So, I've got a bunch of pictures to share...

The dolls:

So Bean & Kris are Disney fans; so to prepare their little ones Kris will mimic the favorite rides at Disney Land as he lifts the little ones up into the air in his arms. The favorite ones seem to be "Splash Mt." and "Tower of Terror". As creative as Kris is he went a step further the last couple days I was there. He hooked up this dolphin swing-thing to a zip line and ran it across the yard-needless to say she LOVES it!

One of her FAVORITE things to say is "HI" and adds a cute little wave, especially to her new little sister.

Tiny 2 - Oh, the amazing wonder and ahh the inocence of a new born can bring into a persons soul.

While in Kanab, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and some of the local hiking trails.


BUNTING TRAIL: (and my hiking/running partner, I miss him too)

Scott came out to visit for a few days & while he was here we went to Zion to get into the mountains before heading back to the beautiful, flat, wetlands of Louisiana.

I can't get enough of Southern Utah, It's my most favorite place. So when the opportunity came up to go Rhino-Ride'n with Stephanie and her family; I was all up for it. Travel'n the back-hills of Kanab brought back a flood of memories for Steph and I. Needless to say we had a lot of fun. There's noth'n like growing up in a small town surrounded by so much beauty and adventure!

So for Easter we planned to go to the Grand Canyon, well it was closed...the Grand Canyon Closed? What do they put a tarp over it? :-) Anyway, it was a beautiful drive and we picniced anyway.

Signs, Signs, everywhere signs... I get a kick out of the little figures; I'm in no way rebeling against the importance of warning signs, they are indeed important. Non-the-less I find them amusing...even entertaining.

Since I was flying out of S.L.C, I headed north for a couple of days to take care of a few things, the most important: spend an afternoon with my Grandpa Beazer. He's one of the greatest men I've ever known. Now, when I was younger I would have thought this afternoon was the most boring, but in my "mature" years I found it to be very interesting and rewarding. He took me for a drive to see the homes and the areas in which my mother and her siblings grew up. I took some snap-shots of the areas and took some notes on his stories. I sure love that man!!

So, this was my trip to Utah...I've been blessed with many opportunities to travel and see some beautiful places; man made and natural. Yet, no matter where I go, Utah, Southern Utah is the most beautiful & unique of all areas. I know it may sound weird, but it has such an amazing divers beauty to it that it reminds me of Gods great power and His love for His children, you & I. I know God has created all the beauty in this world to remind us each and every day of His love for us, no matter where you may be. It's just that Southern Utah, the sands of Lake Powell the highest peaks of Zion and the deepest canyons of the Grand Canyon is where I feel it the most.


summerfun said...

Sounds like you had a great time while you were in Kanab. Your nieces are so dang cute!

I am right there with you when you say Southern Utah is the best place to be. I wouldn't change where I live for anything.

Bean said...

Hi Jen, thanks for sharing your pictures. It was fun to see the pictures you took while you were here. We miss you tons and hope to see you soon. sly, bean!

Perla said...

thank you so much for the wonderful post! i wanted to comment on everything! the girls are darling--so much to say and think about holding a newborn and feeling something so pure and close to the veil. of course your photos made me want to get to southern utah asap. i'm going to st. george this weekend, so that is something, but i would love to do a lot of hiking in those beautiful spots. looks like you had a wonderful time. i am sure gla that you are my friend!

Heather said...

Now come on a trip to Utah really can't be complete without a visit to the Friant family! I hope you are recovering from the devastation of that loss! I loved reading your post. Love ya, H

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Daughter, I sent, make that tryed sending you 2 comments on the day this came out. And both times they didn't go through. So I sent a hi as a test and now I'll try again. I LOVED this entry: I loved them all but this one really hit me hard. It brought tears to my eyes to be able to see, taste and feel things from home. Thanks for shring and for being so good at it. SLY mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen - It was a lot of fun to see what you have been up to. Your pictures are beautiful.
LYL Nancy

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