Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Sunset in the Swamp

Scott and I went out yesterday afternoon to learn a bit more about where we live.. Scott and I visited the museum that my parents and I visited when they were here and the lake.

One of our stops was a small pond close to town. There are a few little gators in this pond so they put a cement plank in the middle of the pond for them to climb onto, well, these cute little turtles have also found it a place of refuge...SO CUTE! (Sorry Joni, but every time I see turtles...I think of you! SLY)

I'm not sure what kind of bird this is. The wildlife out here is SOO much different than what we see out west...duh..I know, but I didn't realize how different it would be... :-)

We watched the sunset fall beneath the waters of Martin Lake. It was so beautiful! Again, I'm used to watching the sun set sink behind a large rocky mt. For the first time we saw the beauty of the sunset behind shallow waters full of amazing trees full of spanish moss draping from branch to branch.


Perla said...

That is SO cool to see. Maybe, somehow I could come to visit you one day. I need to experience that kind of stuff! Beautiful!

Scott & Jennifer said...

I would LOVE to have you! ANYTIME!!!

From what I hear, the end of march and all of April-Mayish is AMAZING. Everything starts to turn green and the flowers blooming.
I'm way excited! I'll be going on MANY sightseeing, camera taking adventures. I can't wait to get some photos of GATORS!! :-)

Kenna said...

Wow! That looks like a postcard or something...I'm thinking more and more that we need to come visit you guys, it's more beautiful than I ever thought! Isn't it fun exploring your new surroundings, it is my favorite part about moving to a new place:)

Lisa said...

Scott and Jennifer!
My old friend Scott! How are you?!
And Jennifer, I met you when you stayed at my dorm at Snow College once - I was roommates with Becca Young (who's expecting her first baby soon!) I was so thrilled when Becca told me Scott had married you because you seemed so great!
Anyway, I came upon your blog address when I was looking at Heather and Lyndon Friant's blog and was wanting to give you both a big hello.
I didn't know you were living in Louisiana! What an exciting adventure!
Anyway, I'd love to keep in touch. Our family blog is:
-Lisa (Holt) Teuscher

aaron and joni said...

hey sis...
FUN and very beautiful pics. Those turtles are darling, I just hope the gators don't like to eat them.
Don't be sorry thinking about me when you see turtles...I still love'em like crazy so, all is well. We're actually trying to get one for I'll keep you posted on how all of that goes!

summerfun said...

It looks beautiful there! It amazes me how different places are, even if they are far from Utah!

Bryan said...

It looks so peaceful, like a sanctuary... I gotta come visit some time, and maybe I can bring Ana! =0)

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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